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Updated 05.05.2017

Borgun Plugins

Borgun provides plugins to eCommerse loans. Merchants can get up and running quickly with minimal integration effort.

WooCommerce Plugin

Dowload WooCommerce plugin here.


To install the WooCommerce plugin please follow these steps in the WooCommerce admin interface.

Login to WP Dashboard -> Plugins -> Setup new Plugin -> Upload plugin (Select the plugin .zip)


Activate the plugin

woocommerce woocommerce

To connect to Borgun go to wooCommerce then settings and finaly checkout. Type in MerchantID, Borgun Login and password provided by your contact at Borgun. To enable test enviroment make sure that the Enable test mode checkbox is checked. To enable consumer loans (raðgreiðslur), Check the Enable Raðgreiðslur checkbox. Remember to save changes.