Simple Payment Solutions

With hosted payment solutions all card handling is done by SaltPay. These solutions are easy to integrate against and are a good solution for small to medium merchants.


SecurePay is a simple and easily integrated payment solution for small businesses. The payment page enables merchants to process online transactions securely with minimal integration. Credit card data is securely handled by us. SecurePay supports iFrame solutions as well as redirecting the card holder from the merchant’s website to our hosted website.


SaltPay provides plugins to SecurePay for a variety of ecommerce systems. Merchants can get up and running quickly with minimal integration effort.


Pay-by-link is a simple and ideal solution for merchants that use customized shopping carts. The merchant selects products and/or services in a shopping cart, creates a pay-by-link using B-Online, then sends it to the customer who is transferred to our secure payment page to make a payment. Streamlined processing for merchants.


Advanced Payment Solutions

With SaltPay payment gateway solutions merchants have more control over the payment procedure.


B-Gateway is an Application Programming Interface (API), which is a comprehensive payment processing software for merchants and partners that require sophisticated payment solutions.


SaltPay Restful Payment Gateway

SaltPay Restful Payment Gateway is a RESTful API for payment processing. A good solution for apps and modern web applications.


Merchant Settlement Services

Merchant settlement services enable merchants to get their settlement and transaction information via webservices or file transfer.

Settlement Webservices

A solution for merchants that want to be able to fetch settlement information in XML format.


File Reports

Solution for larger merchants and ISO partners. Settlement, transaction and Dispute information is generated nightly and can be fetched via file transfer. Please contact SaltPay for more information.